Tom and I met in 1986 and were married in 1991. The chance to work with my husband as a team in business is something I have been looking forward to for a very long time, a real dream come true! Both my parents, Bob and Sue Keilholz, and grandparents, Otto and Dora Keilholz ran small businesses with their spouse. Growing up in a small business family, I saw the love they had for one another and saw them pass it along to their clients. I was constantly reminded that our names are the only thing we leave behind.

Our work ethic, both individually and as a team, is built from being raised by small business owners, and playing sports. My family history and athletic leadership is what drives my business today. We are innovating and changing what it means to be business owners through collaboration, team work, innovation, and communication.

As I have grown, I still have a thirst for education, and to find the ability to make life and work easily successful. I strive to continue my education both in real estate and in general classes, for my business' growth. The drive I have today is the same as I had on the court.

From our time on a team stems the desire to build a great team in order to support us and our clients. We will stand with you, should to shoulder, as you prepare your house for lease or sale. For circumstances too great for us to handle together, we have a team of talented vendors we trust to bring relief. We are prepared to lead a team, and strive to lead others in Real Estate as well.

There is time to help other people, that is why we volunteer with Houston Association of Realtors in Risk Management and Property Management, as well as the Texas Association of Realtors in Property Management. It is important to us to give back to a community we love. That includes those who cannot take care of themselves. Growing up, Tom and I had handicapped family members who need to be taken care of everyday of their entire life. My brother, Tommy, has cerebral palsy and has been in nursing care since I was five years old, and Tom had an uncle who had his own set of challenges. We both feel the need to give back to those who need help the most. Growing up in the light of someone who needs that daily help, we understand the need for housing and care taking for those who need extra assistance in life. Throughout our lives together, people have taken care of our family members when they were in need. Now we strive to give back to others both in our business and in our friendships.